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Disability Resource Centre


You have been offered a place to study at Cambridge. What next?

All students who disclose a disability on application will be emailed by the DRC between March and July, asking for more information. Engaging with the DRC before you get your results will make for an easier transition into student life.

If you have an offer but haven’t disclosed on application, you can disclose at any time.

What should you do now?

  1. Tell us about your support requirements
    The online Student Information Form  is designed to give the disability advisers the information they need to start to put your support into place.  You can upload supporting evidence. It also asks you to consider who you are willing to disclose information about your support requirements to. 

  2. Consider how to fund your support requirements
    Disabled Students’ Allowances are grants to help meet support costs incurred as a direct result of a disability or specific learning difficulty. Funding is awarded according to individual requirements. Applying for DSAs can be a lengthy process so it is a good idea to do so early.

Home students:
See the Disabled Students' Allowances page under financial support for more information depending on which funding body you are under.

Overseas students:
Find out about financial support  and apply for the International Disabled Students' Fund (IDS Fund), if eligible.
The IDS Fund Leaflet also provides further information.;

  1. Undertake a dyslexia assessment if required.

  2. Talk to your Disability Adviser and College

    Where required, your Disability Adviser may contact you to arrange a pre-arrival visit or support meeting. The support meeting can be arranged with you, a DRC adviser and a representative from your College (usually your Tutor and/or Director of Studies).

  3. Sign up for a Transitional Event

Each September we hold Transitional Events for incoming students with Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism, and for students with Specific Learning Difficulties. You will be emailed if this applies to you as an offer-holder. These events are designed to make your transition into student life at Cambridge easier.

  1. Consider exam access arrangements

Though this may seem early, it is also worth considering if you will need adjustments in order to take exams at Cambridge. If you previously received access arrangements, such as extra time or the use of a word processor, and would like to continue with these, then please see the Exam Access Arrangements page for details of the process for applying for these.