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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre



As well as continually looking for ways to develop and improve our services, we also aim to continue doing the things we do well. You may use the form below to submit feedback online.

Complaints procedure

We hope that the standards of provision and service that you receive from the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre give you no cause for complaint. However, we recognise that there may be times when you may be unhappy about aspects of the provision and service that you receive.

It is vital that we receive criticism or complaints in a responsible way to enable us to improve our performance and to ensure that any failures in our services do not disadvantage you.

In the first instance, please address complaints to the member of the ADRC team who is working with you, in order that they are given an opportunity to discuss the issues with you and address your concerns.

If this is not appropriate, or you feel that your concerns have not been fully addressed, please use the form below to write to John Harding, Head of Centre, outlining your complaint. The Head of Centre will respond directly to you and agree a timeframe and appropriate plan of action with you.

Please note that in situations where a student is engaged in a formal complaint or appeal against the University or a College, as a department of University, the ADRC is unable to act as the student’s advocate or to represent their case, as this role can only be properly taken by advisers who are independent of the University or Colleges.

The ADRC is able to advise and signpost on to sources of support (for example, the Cambridge Students’ Union Students Advice Service) and to provide factual information related to the student’s disability (for example, a letter which outlines the nature of the student’s disability, impact on study and support which has been established or recommended).

There is also a central University Student Complaint Procedure which is available should you prefer to take this route.

If you wish to provide feedback or submit a complaint online, please use the form below: