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This information is only for those from either the University Information Service (UIS) or Human Resources (HR), wishing to make a referral of a staff member to the DRC, in order for them to borrow an item from the Loan Pool.

Referral procedure

  1. Those from HR making a referral may wish to refer the borrower to UIS to trial and discuss the functions of different types of equipment, before referring to the DRC. Alternatively, the borrower can be referred directly to the DRC.
  2. Complete the Loan Pool Referral Form and send to the DRC, preferably via email.
  3. If the item is available, we will email the borrower directly and ask for them to collect the item from the DRC. If the item is not available, you can either select another item, or ask for the request to be put on the waiting list.

Completing the 'Loan Pool Referral Form'

  • This form must be completed by the person making the referral, from either the University¬†Information Service (UIS) or Human Resources (HR).
  • The DRC cannot administer a loan without this form.
  • This form can only be used for staff referrals. Students cannot be referred to the DRC from UIS or HR. If you are contacted by a student, please advise them to contact the DRC to book an appointment with an Adviser.
  • If the borrower is a member of University staff, the DRC cannot administer a loan without the date they were referred to you from Occupational Health.
  • If the borrower is a member of University staff, UIS must inform their Human Resources School Team of this referral.
  • Loans are for a maximum of 10 working days. Extensions are not available. Please advise the employee that if they benefit from using the borrowed item, they should arrange for their College/department to purchase one for them.
  • Please send the completed form to the DRC and contact us with any queries.