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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details

184 Hills Road,
Cambridge CB2 8PQ
01223 767 600
01223 767 602

Access Issues

Mr Patrick Boydell
01223 767 727
01223 767 602

Location, Services and Transport

The Faculty of Education is located at 184 Hills Road and is approximately two miles from the City Centre, next door to Homerton College with whom we share some Facilities. We are also approximately one mile from Addenbrooke's Hospital.


Hills Road can be very busy during rush hour. Pavements and cycle paths are wide.

Services and shops

There are several convenience stores and two Express Supermarkets in the vicinity. In addition there is an entertainment park, including fully accessible cinema, bowling alley, nightclub and several restaurants, on the corner of Hills Road and Cherry Hinton Road.


The Faculty of Education currently uses two car parks, one at Homerton College (entrance on Hills Road) and the Donald McIntyre car park (entrance via Harrison Drive.) The Donald McIntyre Building has six designated disabled bays in its car park. There are also two bays outside Trumpington House and two bays at the Mary Allan Building. Disabled students can obtain a parking permit by contacting

Other transport options

Uni 4 bus stop outside. Bus stops also for C1, C7, C8, 13 and 13a. Babraham Park and Ride is fairly nearby.

General Information

The Faculty of Education comprises of four buildings: The Donald McIntyre Building, the Mary Allan Building, Trumpington House and the Science Education Centre. All of the buildings are fully accessible, with the exception of Trumpington House which is an older builiding and can prove difficult to access, but does not need to be used if there is a problem. The site is fairly large, but paths between buidlings are good.


The Faculty of Education is a no smoking site.

Medical facilities

There are First Aid stations in each of the Faculty's buildings.

Emergency procedures

Evacuation chairs have been fitted (Donald McIntyre Building and Mary Allan Building only), with designated and trained fire wardens. There are refuge points on all stairwells. Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans are drawn up where necessary.

Physical Access


There is level access to the Donald McIntyre Building, through automatic doors. There is a push-button automatic exit. The Mary Allan Building also has level access, through manual doors or automatic doors (car park side). Trumpington House has a stepped entrance. The Science Education Centre has level access.

Number of floors

There are four floors in the Donald McIntyre Building, including ground floor. The Mary Allan Building has three floors. Trumpington House has two floors in use. The Science Education Centre is on one level (ground floor).

Lifts and stairs

There are lifts to all floors in both the Donald McIntyre Building and the Mary Allan Building. Staircases all have continuous handrails.

Lecture theatres

The Auditorium in the Mary Allan building is level and accessible, with moveable furniture and plenty of space for wheelchairs. The tiered lecture theatre in Science Education Centre has level access to the lower tier.

Seminar/teaching rooms

We have 16 teaching/meeting rooms in Donald McIntyre Building, all with level access from lift. They are spacious, with moveable furniture. The three teaching rooms in the Science Education Centre all have level access. There is also level access to the Arts Studio.


There is level access to the Library on the ground floor and a low counter at the enquiry/issue desk. The Library is staffed by a permanent team, who are very happy to assist readers, throughout opening hours. It is spacious and carpeted, with wide shelving and ramps to the Lower Ground Floor and the Lily Pads (upper floor). There are Managed Cluster computers, power points for laptops and Wireless internet access (eduroam and lapwing). There are two disabled toilets available, one on the lower ground floor and one on the upper level.

Computer facilities

There are three IT suites in the Donald McIntyre Building, which are available for use when there are no classes taking place. Wireless internet access (eduroam and lapwing) is available throughout the majority of the Donald McIntyre Building, the Science Education Centre and Trumpington House. The Mary Allan Building also has eduroam available.


There are disabled toilets on every floor of the Donald McIntyre Building and the Mary Allan buildings, and two disabled toilets in the Library.

Common rooms

The cafeteria in the Donald McIntyre Building is run by Origin8, serving tea and coffee, snacks and light lunches. There is a ramp leading down to the cafeteria, which is on a slightly lower level.


  • The garden is level and accessible, with even paving on the paths, good lighting, and some benches.
  • Dance/drama studio on site has level access.

Visual Impairments

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs welcome.

Computer facilities

We do not have any special hardware of software for visually impaired users. However, this could be acquired if necessary, and has been in the past.

Large print, Braille and audio

With advance notice large print information can be provided, on coloured paper if necessary. Our AV department wil also process requests.

Library and magnification equipment

The Library is North facing and study spaces on the lower ground floor bench enjoy lots of natural light. There are lights above each bay of shelving and the Library is well lit. The Library signage is clear and large and staff are always happy to help readers locate the information they need. There are two photocopiers available, one on the lower ground floor and one on Lily Pad 2. Other facilities could be acquired if needed.

Signs and wayfinding

The signage in and around the Donald McIntyre Building is mostly white-on-grey. Advice from the RNIB was followed when the signs were installed. There is adequate signage around the site itself and the Mary Allan Building.


  • The Faculty buildings have adequate internal and external lighting, including lit paths, car parks and grounds.

Hearing Impairments

Induction loops

Induction loops have been installed at the Reception Desk in the Donald McIntyre Building, classrooms GS4 and GS5 and the Reception area in the Mary Allan Building.


  • Fire alarm could be adapted for use with a pager if required.
  • The Donald McIntyre Building is large and open plan, with a walkway through the middle of the building known as "the Street". Sound travels, but measures have been taken to minimise this.

Specific Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Issues

  • Discuss your individual needs with the Disability Liaison Officer, who will liaise with the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre.
  • Special arrangements can be made with the Librarian for students with Specific Learning Difficulties or any other special needs.

The information on this page is the responsibility of the Faculty of Education. The ADRC updates information as it is received from the Faculty. This page was last updated on 25th May 2012. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with the Faculty of Education.