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This page contains information regarding the City Council's Shopmobility service.

Contact information

Grand Arcade tel.
01223 457 452
Grafton East office tel.
01223 461 858
01223 457 050
Email or

General information

  • ‘Shopmobility’ is a free service offered by the Council, providing electrically powered scooters, electric and manual wheelchairs and rollators (walking aids with seats) to help people with restricted mobility. These can only be used within the city centre.
  • An escort service for wheelchair users and the visually impaired can also be provided. Escorts are available on weekdays between 10am and 4pm, for up to two hours.
  • All you need to provide for either service is positive identification of your name and address, and all you need to sign is a single form for insurance purposes.
  • Both services have to be booked in advance.


  • Shopmobility vehicles can be picked up from one of two centres.
  • The Grafton Centre station in on the 4th floor of the East Car Park, entered via East Road. This station gives easy access to the Grafton Centre, Fitzroy and Burleigh Street.
  • Grand Arcade Shopmobility is located on Level -1 of the car park, entered via Corn Exchange Street

Opening hours

  • Both centres are open Monday to Saturday 10am–4pm.
  • The Grafton Centre station is now also open Sundays 11am–5pm.


  • Free of charge.