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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


This page contains information regarding:

Driving in the city centre

Driving in the city centre takes a while to get used to. If you are unfamiliar with the roads and one-way systems, it is worth getting clear directions and advice from someone local in advance. If you are travelling in peak times, it is also worth considering the excellent public transport links into and within the city — see separate sections on Train, Bus and Coach, and Park and Ride.

Note that students must apply for formal permission from the University before being allowed to bring their cars to Cambridge. Ask your College for help in going about this.

Temporary rising bollards

Temporary rising bollards, installed by the council to control traffic in and out of the centre, are in:

Bridge Street
Closed 24 hours a day every day
Emmanuel Road
Closed 24 hours a day every day
King's Parade
Closed 9am–6pm every day
Regent Street
Closed 24 hours a day every day heading towards the city centre. The other carriageway is not restricted
Silver Street
Closed both ways midnight to 6am and 10am to 4pm. Open inbound only 6am to 10am. Open outbound only 4pm to midnight
St John's
Closed 10am–4pm Monday to Saturday

Permit to drive in the city centre

Registered disabled (Mobility Allowance, higher rate of Disability Living Allowance, War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement, and those with severe mobility disabilities with a letter from the doctor) are eligible for a permit card, which can be used to lower the bollards at St John's Street and enable you to drive in the city centre. Disabled students, even if not permanently resident in Cambridge, and short-term disabled visitors to Cambridge can usually obtain permits.

You can apply by completing the disabled access application form.

Silver Street bollards

The bollards at Silver Street are operated by a transponder permanently attached to your car, and it is much more difficult to obtain a permit to pass through these. If you do think you require this, please contact:

The Traffic Manager's Team
Castle Court
Castle Hill
01223 715910
ET 1028 Castle Court,
Shire Hall,
Cambridge CB3 0AP
01223 712 428