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This page contains information regarding:

  • Parking in Cambridge
  • Telephone and website for City Council parking information
  • Location of designated disabled bays for Blue Badge holders
  • Contact details for the Cambridgeshire Blue Badge scheme

Parking in the City centre

Finding parking in the centre of Cambridge can be difficult, and often expensive. Traffic wardens are everywhere, so don't be tempted to leave your car without making sure it is legally parked and paid for.

You may be able to obtain parking spaces at your College and/or department. If you are visiting the city centre, it is probably best to park in a multi-storey car park such as Lion Yard, the Grafton Centre (East is better than West), Queen Anne or Park Street. 950 new car parking spaces are expected as part of the Grand Arcade project, due to be completed spring 2008. Follow signs for parking as you enter the city.

For more information about parking, call the City Council Parking Department on 01223 458 500 or see the Council website.

Blue badge parking bays

Blue badge holders can park in:

Grafton Centre West
3 designated spaces, first 3 hours free
Grafton Centre East
43 designated spaces, first 3 hours free
Lion Yard
14 designated spaces on second floor (37 designated spaces when redevelopment is finished), first 3 hours free
Park Street
8 designated spaces, first 3 hours free
Queen Anne
27 designated space on ground floor, first 3 hours free

To claim the concession do not pay at a machine — take your Blue Badge to the car park kiosk so that the cashier on duty can process your ticket and take the reduced payment if one is due. Note that you only receive the concession between 8am and 8pm (10am to 5pm on Sundays) and the ticket must be presented to the cashier before 8pm (5pm on Sundays). The scheme will not refund concessions if you do not take your ticket to the cashier.

There are also on-street disabled parking spaces in:

Adam and Eve Street
3 spaces
Fair Street
2 spaces
City Road
2 spaces
Napier Street
2 spaces
Guildhall Street
2 spaces
Peas Hill
4 spaces
Regent Street
2 spaces
King's Parade
3 spaces
Jesus Lane
6 spaces
Round Church Street
3 spaces
St Andrews Street
6 spaces
Hobson Street
6 spaces

Blue Badge holders can also park for free in all Pay and Display car parks, and on single and double yellow lines for up to three hours as long as no obstruction is caused.

To find out if you are eligible for a Blue Badge call 0845 045 5212 or email