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Disability Resource Centre


This page contains information regarding the location of RADAR public toilets in the city centre.

RADAR keys can be borrowed or bought for £3.00 from Mandela House Customer Service Centre. The tourist information office has a map showing where RADAR toilets in the city centre are.

RADAR toilets in the Cambridge city centre are in:

  • Chesterton Road
    Next to Boathouse pub car park and Jesus Lock footbridge, open 8am–6pm.
  • Drummer Street Bus Station
    Next to Christ's Pieces, open 8am–8pm, key from attendant.
  • Gonville Place
    Spaceship in the southwest corner of Parker's Piece, open 8am–8pm, 20p coin entry.
  • Jesus Green
    Toilet block/sports pavilion near Jesus Lock footbridge, open 8am–6pm.
  • Lion Yard
    South end of shopping centre next to Dixons, open 8.30am–8pm Monday - Saturday, 10am-8pm Sunday.
  • Mill Road
    Corner of Gwydir Street, open 8am–8pm, 20p coin entry.
  • Park Street Car Park
    Ground floor, open 8am to 8pm, key available from office.
  • Quayside
    Off Bridge Street, open 8.30am–8pm.
  • Silver Street bridge
    Open 8am–7pm.
  • Victoria Avenue
    Spaceship in southwest corner of Midsummer Common, open 8am–8pm, 20p coin entry.