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Disability Resource Centre


This page contains information regarding:

  • Contact details for wheelchair accessible taxis
  • Link to more numbers for taxi firms operating within Cambridge
  • Location of taxi ranks for Cambridge Hackney cabs
  • Taxicard service
  • Dial-a-Ride

Accessible taxis

A1 Cabco Taxis
01223 313 131
Can provide wheelchair accessible taxis if booked in advance.
01223 523 523
          Can provide wheelchair accessible taxis if booked in advance.
01223 715 715
Can provide wheelchair accessible taxis if booked in advance.

About a third of Cambridge's Hackney cabs are wheelchair accessible.

Taxi ranks

Taxi ranks are located at:

  • Drummer Street (the bus station)
  • Parkside (the new National Express coach stop)
  • Railway Station
  • St Andrew's Street, at the junction with Petty Cury

Night-time taxi ranks

There are night-time ranks at:

  • Sidney Street (outside Boots)
  • Market Hill

It is advisable to book a taxi in advance, particularly if you require an accessible taxi.

Taxicard service

A Council-sponsored Taxicard service operates in the city to provide registered disabled and sensory impaired residents with subsidised transport using taxis. The cardholder pays the first £1 of a taxi ride and anything over £3.40. Disabled students and staff, even if you are not permanently resident in Cambridge, may be entitled to a Taxicard.

Major changes to the Taxicard scheme came into place in April 2007. It is best to contact the Council directly to find out whether or not you are eligible.

For more information or an application form, please click here or contact the Taxicard service direct on:

01223 457 316
01223 457 050

Dial-a-Ride service

Cambridge Dial-a-Ride is a charitable organisation which provides transport for groups and individuals who otherwise have difficulty accessing public transport. It offers this service around the entire city of Cambridge and from neighbouring villages.

For more information, contact:

Unit F4a Eastern Court,
182–190 Newmarket Road,
Cambridge CB5 8HE
01223 506 335
01223 506 334