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Disability Resource Centre

8 Mill Lane,
Cambridge, CB2 1RX
01223 337 110

Access Issues

Mrs Wendy Thurley
01223 337 110

General Information

Located on second floor of the Mill Lane Lecture Rooms building. Shared between Latin American Studies, International Studies and Land Economy.

Opening hours

Open 9am–7pm Monday to Thursday, 9am–5pm Friday and 10am–1pm Saturday during full term.

Physical Access


Level access to main entrance of building, through double doors. New lift up to second floor. Automatic push-button entrance to library from lift.

Number of floors

Located on second floor. Small gallery runs around the edge of the library.

Lifts and stairs

Lift to main library entrance. The gallery is accessed only by a small, dark, winding staircase.

Computer facilities

Computer room next door, with several PWF computers. Keypad entry and double doors. Spacious and accessible, with plenty of light.


Disabled toilet on ground floor of building.

General access

  • Spacious and carpeted throughout. Plenty of workspace, with large desks and moveable chairs. Most books located around edge of room, on fairly low shelves.
  • Gallery is narrow, protected by thin black railings, and not advised for those with mobility or vertigo problems.
  • Staff will help fetch books if needed.

Visual Impairments

  • Extra lights on work desks. Signs and classification markings are fairly small.
  • No special magnification equipment. Photocopier near lift for text enlargement.

Hearing Impairments

  • No induction loop in library, although there are infra-red hearing enhancement systems installed in all lecture rooms.
  • Carpeted and fairly quiet, although there can be some traffic noise.

Other Useful Information

  • Disabled badge holders can park on the double yellow lines outside — otherwise there is no parking nearby.


The information on this page is the responsibility of Mill Lane Library. The DRC updates information as it is received from the Library. This page was last updated on 4 January 2013. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with Mill Lane Library.