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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details

Addenbrooke's NHS Trust
01223 245 151
01223 274 604
Online Access Map

Location, Services and Transport

Located on Hills Road, several miles from the city centre.

Nearby colleges

No colleges are within easy walking distance. Homerton, on Hills Road, is the closest.


Hills Road is very busy, and the roundabout outside Addenbrooke's is large and dangerous. Some slow-moving traffic and ambulances on the site itself.

Services and shops

Convenience stores, cafes, snack bars, hairdressers, and some other shops and services in the main building. There is a cafeteria in the Clinical School building.

Vehicle entrances

Vehicle entrance to site from Hills Road, via a large roundabout. Turn left at the mini-roundabout near the bus station to access the Forvie Site.


Many car parks and designated disabled bays on site, but these are often full. For short-term visits to the main hospital building, there are several designated disabled bays near the main entrance and A&E. Contact the individual department for advice on where to park. A new multi-storey carpark is currently under construction.

Other transport options

Bus stops with regular buses, including the Uni 4, to and from the city centre and other areas of Cambridge.

General Information

Medical facilities

Hospital, Accident and Emergency, and many first aiders.

Emergency procedures

An intermittent alarm means you must prepare to evacuate. In the event of a continuous alarm, the Hospital will break into fire-proof compartments, and you should either remain in your compartment or evacuate by moving horizontally through the building.


Addenbrooke's is a smoke-free site. No smoking anywhere, inside or outside, whilst on the site.

Physical Access

Pedestrian entrances

All entrances to buildings are level or ramped. Some have automatic doors.

General accessibility

The site is rather large, but generally very accessible. There are fairly wide, fairly even pavements, with dropped kerbs. Most buildings are fully accessible.

Steps and ramps

Handrails on most steps, stairs and ramps.

Benches and seating

A few benches outside, and plenty of seating in reception areas and the food court. Corridors are long, and do not have seats.


Plenty of disabled toilets located all round site.

Visual Impairments

Signs and wayfinding

Mostly large white-on-blue and white-on-brown signs. The site is very large and rather complicated, but there are always people available to ask.


Good lighting generally outside and within buildings.


The information on this page is the responsibility of Addenbrooke's Site. The ADRC updates information as it is received from Addenbroke's. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with Addenbrooke's at 01223 245 151 or contact the relevant Department.