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Used mainly for undergraduate exams. For queries regarding special access needs in exams, please contact your College, department or faculty, or the Exam Board on 01223 332315.


New Museums Site, adjacent to Arts School Lecture Rooms.

Physical Access

  • Level entry to building from Bene't Street, signposted Central Science Library.
  • Carpeted and spacious inside, with moveable furniture.
  • Toilets on ground floor, with wide cubicle inside ladies' toilets but no specific disabled toilet.

Visual Impairments

  • Rather dimly lit. Request extra lights in advance if needed.
  • Poor signage.

Hearing Impairments

  • Carpeted, but there is some traffic noise from the city centre.

Other Useful Information

  • The building also houses PandIS, the University's Complete Photography and Illustration Service.

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