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Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details

Robert Clemens
01223 339808

Location, Services and Transport

A ten minute walk from the city centre. Entrances off Trumpington Street, Tennis Court Road, and Fitzwilliam Street.

Nearby colleges

Peterhouse, Pembroke, Downing, Christ's, Corpus Christi, and St. Catharine's Colleges are nearby.


Trumpington Street is very busy with traffic in both directions, particularly at peak times. Pavements are uneven, and there are dangerous open drainage ditches on either side of the street. Few safe crossing places, and dangerous junctions at either end.

Services and shops

City centre. There are a few small shops (including a post office) and restaurants on Trumpington Street.

Vehicle entrances

Vehicle entrance to main car park from Trumpington Street. Drop off possible on Free School Lane. Please arrange parking in advance.


Parking is very limited, and generally allocated at the beginning of each academic year according to priority. Speak to your individual department to arrange parking for your visit or a regular parking permit. There are two disabled bays on the site, but these are often taken.

Other transport options

Uni 4 bus stop on Trumpington Street.

General Information

Medical facilities

All departments and faculties have their own first aiders. No central medical facilities.

Emergency procedures

All buildings have their own evacuation procedures and facilities.

Physical Access

Pedestrian entrances

Level pedestrian access from Trumpington Street, but beware the open drainage ditches. There is level access from Tennis Court Road (up a gentle ramp near the Biochemistry building) and from Fitzwilliam Street.

General accessibility

Mostly level or sloping, with smooth paving.

Steps and ramps

Steps are all avoidable, as there are ramps to all areas. Steps are not marked, and do not have handrails.

Benches and seating

No benches or other rest points.


Disabled toilets in most individual department buildings. There is a large disabled toilet in the Disability Resource Centre in Keynes House.

Visual Impairments

Signs and wayfinding

Very little signage around site. There are several corners and alleys, so the site can be confusing to first time visitors.


Very little extra lighting at night, except from individual buildings.

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