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Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details

Mill Lane Facilities Team

T: 01223 3 38275 | M:  | E

Estate Management | Business Services | Facilities Management

17 Mill Lane | Cambridge | CB2 1RX

Departments and Buildings on or near site

4 Mill Lane
Student Registry
6 Mill Lane
Careers Service
8 Mill Lane
Mill Lane Lecture Rooms
Mill Lane Library
16 Mill Lane
Occupational Health and Safety Division
Research Operations
17 Mill Lane, ground floor
CUSU Offices
Varsity Offices
Graduate Union
University Card Office
17 Mill Lane, first floor
Kettles Yard
School of Biological Sciences
17 Mill Lane, second floor
Schools of Arts and Humanities, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Technology
Seminar Rooms E–G
Sciences and Technology
Silver Street
Land Economy
Laundress Lane
Granta Place
University Centre

Location, Services and Transport

Between Mill Lane and Silver Street. Two minutes walk from city centre.

Nearby colleges

Peterhouse, Corpus Christi, St. Catharine's, King's, Queens', Darwin, Downing, Pembroke.


Traffic is restricted at certain times in Silver Street, but it is still generally busy in both directions. Dangerous junctions nearby with King's Parade and Pembroke Street. Pelican crossing near Pembroke Street junction. Mill Lane is quieter.

Services and shops

City centre. There are several restaurants and pubs, including the University Centre, nearby at the Mill Pond.

Vehicle entrances

Vehicle entrance to car parks 1-3 from Mill Lane. Car park 1 can also be entered off Silver Street. Mill Lane is not a through road.


Three small car parks. Car park 2 has two disabled bays, near the disabled entrance to 17 Mill Lane. Parking is very limited — arrange in advance with your department if possible.

Other transport options

Uni 4 bus stops on Trumpington Street. There is quiet pedestrian access over the river and up Mill Lane.

General Information

Medical facilities

Several first aiders on site. First aid room in 17 Mill Lane.

Emergency procedures

Evacuation chairs fitted near staircases in 8, 16 and 17 Mill Lane. Most buildings have their own evacuation procedures and facilities.


Arrange in advance to meet a member of the department if you are visiting and will need assistance.

Physical Access

Pedestrian entrances

Buildings are in a variety of places in the Mill Lane area. Level pedestrian entrances (unsigned) from both Silver Street and Mill Lane to car parks 1 and 2, next to 16 and 17 Mill Lane.

General accessibility

16 Mill Lane and 17 Mill Lane and the Mill Lane Lecture Rooms and Mill Lane Library, have all recently been refurbished and are wheelchair accessible, with lifts and disabled toilets. Pavements are narrow and uneven, with few dropped kerbs.

Steps and ramps

Steps to some buildings. There are platform lifts to 17 Mill Lane and the Careers Service — see separate entries.

Benches and seating

No public benches or seating in the area.


Disabled toilets in:

Visual Impairments

Signs and wayfinding

The site is very spread out, and there are no signs between buildings. Name signs tend to be small and barely visible. Large, clear signs, with touch-readable letters and Braille, on the ground floor of 17 Mill Lane.


Public area, fairly dimly lit at night, particularly in the area of the Mill Pond.

The information on this page is the responsibility of the Old Press Site. The DRC updates information as it is received from the Site. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with the Facilities Team (details above) or the individual department or building as per the contact information above.