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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


Metabolic Research Laboratories

Contact Details

Level 4, Institute of Metabolic Science, Box 289,
Addenbrooke's Hospital,
Hills Road,
Cambridge, CB2 2QR
01223 336 792
01223 330 598

Access Issues

Mrs Karen Laurence
01223 336 792
01223 330 598

Location, Services and Transport

Based on levels 4 and 5 of the Institute of Metabolic Science which can be found in the same building as the Addenbrooke's Treatment Centre on the Addenbrooke's Site. See separate entry for Addenbrooke's Site.

General Information

The department will be moving around March 2008 to a brand new building with good access on Robinson Way. The following information applies to the Addenbrooke's offices. Some research takes place in the Cambridge Institute for Medical Research building, the Physiology building, and the Central Biomedical Services. Adjustments are regularly made to accommodate the needs of staff members, so please discuss any problems or suggestions with the Disability Liaison Officer.


No smoking anywhere in the building.

Medical facilities

First aider in the department. Accident and Emergency Department in Hospital on site.

Emergency procedures

Hospital is divided into fire-proof compartments and in the event of a continuous alarm, you should move horizontally through the building to an area where the continuous alarm is not sounding. Fire tours given to all members.

Physical Access


Level access at outside entrance (from Keith Day Road), through revolving or seperate double automatic door, then lift up to fourth floor.

Number of floors

The main departmental offices are on the fourth floor of the building.

Lifts and stairs

Three lifts to all floors with adjacent stairwell.

Seminar/teaching rooms

Meeting rooms and offices all level and accessible, with moveable furniture. Laboratory benches are currently all at standard height, but adjustments could be made.


A few journals are kept in the open office (fully accessible) on level 4. Main library in the Clinical School - see separate entry for Medical Library.

Computer facilities

Small IT suite. Both PCs and Macs and space for laptops. Various types of mice and mouse mats, bookstands, foot and arm rests to help with repetitive strain injury are available. Please ask if you need something.


Large disabled toilet in the department, and many more on site.

Common rooms

One social room, level and accessible. Chairs with armrests could be acquired if necessary.


  • Doors are controlled by swipe card entry, all points are at an accessible level. Please ask at the office if you need help.

Visual Impairments

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs may be a problem, as several members have severe allergies and there is a health and safety issue in the laboratories. Please discuss in advance.

Computer facilities

Large monitors in the IT suite. Other software and hardware can be acquired if necessary.

Large print, Braille and audio

Large print information on prior request. Touch-readable and audio information in lift.

Signs and wayfinding

Signs at NHS reception on Level 2. Department fully signed. A full tour and induction is given to all members.


  • Projection screens in all meeting rooms.

Hearing Impairments

Induction loops

No induction loops in Addenbrooke's department. Induction loops will be fitted in the new building by March 2008.


  • Acoustics are not generally a problem due to department layout, speakers in meeting rooms and small offices.

Specific Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Issues

Individual support can be given to those with Specific Learning Difficulties, so please do discuss any needs with the Disability Liaison Officer.

Planned Access Improvements

None planned.

The information on this page is the responsibility of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry. The ADRC updates information as it is received from the Department. The page was last updated on 23rd May 2012. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with the Department of Clinical Biochemistry.