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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details

The David Williams Building
10 West Road,
Cambridge, CB3 9DZ
01223 330 033

Access Issues

Helen Waring
01223 330 081

Location, Services and Transport

Sidgwick Site. See separate entry for Sidgwick Site.

General Information

New, impressive building, with great access facilities.


No smoking anywhere in the building.

Medical facilities

First aiders in the building.

Emergency procedures

Evacuation chairs on all floors near fire staircases and refuge points. Fire staircases are safe areas. Fire wardens on all floors.

Physical Access


Level access at main entrance, through two sets of automatic doors.

Number of floors

Six floors in total, including basement.

Lifts and stairs

Lift to all floors.

Lecture theatres

All lectures take place in the building. Some theatres level, some tiered, but there is always room for wheelchairs and other chairs.

Seminar/teaching rooms

All level and accessible by lift.


Over three floors, all accessible by lift. Spacious inside, with wide aisles and workspaces. Moveable furniture. Workspaces and a point for connecting your laptop can be reserved if necessary. There are four height adjustable desks located on the first floor. Most reading desks are fitted with table top power plug in points.

Computer facilities

58 PC's located across the Library (all accessible by lift). Accessibility software includes:

  • TextHelp Read & Write (Start Menu - TextHelp - Read & Write Gold)
  • Claro Read Pro (Start Menu - Claro Software)
  • ABBYY Fine Reader (Start Menu - ABBYY)
  • Natural Reader (Start Menu - Natural Reader)
  • Anki (Start Menu - Softonic - Anki)
  • MindView (Start Menu - MatchWare - MindView)
  • Built-in Windows Ease of Access tools (Start Menu - Accessories - Ease of Access)


Disabled toilet on each floor.

Common rooms

Cafeteria in basement, accessible by lift, large and spacious with moveable chairs. Graduate common room and senior common room accessible by lift.

Visual Impairments

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs welcome.

Large print, Braille and audio

Large print information on prior request. Lift has touch readable buttons and audio information.

Library and magnification equipment

Large windows in Library, good lighting, and extra lights on individual desks. Photocopier available.

Signs and wayfinding

Good signs and clear directions.


  • Small digital dictaphones available to record lectures. The computer office can transfer these to CD once a week.

Hearing Impairments

Induction loops

Induction loops in all main lecture theatres, with headphones for non-hearing aid users.


  • Acoustics in lecture theatres all good.
  • The building is fairly open-plan, so noise does tend to travel up through floors. However, it is never noisy.

Specific Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Issues

Arrangements for members with Specific Learning Difficulties are on an individual basis, in conjunction with the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre. Discuss your needs with the Disability Liaison Officer.

Planned Access Improvements

Improvements as and when needed — do ask if you have any requests.

The information on this page is the responsibility of the Faculty of Law. The ADRC updates information as it is received from the Faculty. This page was last updated on 19 July 2018. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with the Faculty of Law.