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Disability Resource Centre


As of the 4th October 2021 the majority of Disability Resource Centre (DRC) appointments will be either on-line or via telephone/email. We are able to offer a limited number of in-person appointments on request, but due to Covid protocols space and therefore availability is limited and so if you can meet remotely, please do so. If you would like to meet a member of the DRC staff in person please contact your adviser, or email . 

Please be aware that due to Covid protocols not all members of DRC staff will be working within the Student Services Centre on any one day and that this may also affect the ability to offer in-person appointments. Also, please note that the majority of the DRC staff are also disabled people and this may mean that some staff are not able to offer in-person appointments due to heightened clinical vulnerability, or access considerations.  

If you are able to have your appointment on-line or via telephone please choose this option as this will allow us to prioritise those students (for example, students with hearing and visual impairments) where an in-person appointment is preferable due to disability-related reasons. We appreciate your understanding and support. 

Visit our Emergency Contacts page for information about the Coronavirus.

Please visit the University's main Coronavirus page for general information and FAQs