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If you are a current Non-Medical Helper (NMH), you can find important information about how the Scheme works in this section. This includes information on payment, training, and events, the NMH Agreement, and resources for current mentors and note-takers.

You need a Raven password to access these pages. If you don't have one, please contact Eleanor Marinho to set one up.

Mentors are required to attend two mandatory training sessions each academic year and one 1:1 Mentor Support Session each term.

All current NMHs are asked to read and agree to the NMH Guidelines. This document will help you understand your responsibilities both to the students you are supporting and to the Disability Resource Centre (DRC).

The DRC provides NMHs with a number of events and training opportunities throughout the academic year. Please see our NMH Training and Events page for further information.

If you require further information, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Concern, Incident and Matter Reports (CIMRs)

The CIMR process is designed to provide DRC staff and mentors with a practical and formalised route to record any concern, incident or matter which may arise during the course of their duties within the DRC, or in relation to their official DRC related work.

Any concern or incident which relates to the health and safety of an individual or that of others must be reported by the CIMR Form (online).

Please do not send emails to individual members of staff at the DRC as they may be missed if staff are out of the office.

Any further action taken will be documented in a CIMR Follow-up Form, which will be completed by an individual nominated by the Head of Centre when determining the follow-up action required (e.g. the student's Disability Adviser).

The CIMR process is in place to provide a means by which the DRC can take steps to support a student. If, as a mentor, you are feeling upset about a situation you have been involved in, please contact Eleanor Marinho who can set up a Mentor 1:1 for you so we can support you too.