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Green Impact is the University's environmental accreditation scheme. It supports and encourages departments and colleges across the University in reducing their environmental impacts.

The ADRC joined the Green Impact Scheme in 2012, and has since been awarded one bronze award, two silver awards and two gold awards. It has been a team effort, with noticeable environmental behaviour changes. Simple changes, such as turning off monitors when going to meetings, creating a check list for the last person out to make sure electrical items are turned off, and having tea rounds using our own mugs rather than boiling the kettle multiple times are some of the actions which are now everyday activities for the team. We have also had a number of events to promote Green Impact, such as a number of themed 'Wear your jumper to work days'. This has encouraged staff to wear thick jumpers rather than using portable heaters. Here we are in our Christmas jumpers!












Most of the changes we have made are really easy. Re-using scrap paper to make notes on, and recycling folders and stationery once they have been used has meant we do not automatically order new stationery each time some is needed. We have had fun with it too - stopping for lunch as a team and making pledges on how we will make changes to our everyday activities - and in return having a slice of pizza!

Does this sound like something you would be interested in starting for your College or Department? Both University staff and students are welcome to join the Green Impact Scheme - to find out more visit the Environment and Energy Section's website.