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  • There are two Asperger Syndrome Social groups which run during full term:
    - Fridays from 1pm – 2pm in Bridget’s meeting room at the DRC (Social Group)
    - Thursdays from 2pm -3pm in the meeting room at the GU (Graduate Union) (Board Games Group)
    Both groups are open to all students who either have a diagnosis of, or self-identify with Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism. 
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University News

Presence or absence of early language delay alters anatomy of the brain in autism

23 September 2014

Individual differences in early language development, and in later language functioning, are associated with changes in the anatomy of the brain...

Males and females with autism show an extreme of the typical male mind

16 July 2014

The largest ever psychological study of sex differences in adults with autism has found that both males and females with autism on average show an...