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The 14th Annual Disability Lecture - Innovating Towards a More Inclusive Future with Saqib Shaikh, software engineer. Video and transcript now available -

There are two Asperger Syndrome Social groups which run during full term:
- Social Group - Bridget’s meeting room at the DRC
  Date: Every Friday from 28th April to 16th June 2017 (term time)
  Time: 1-2pm
- Board games group New venue this year: Meeting room 1, first floor of the Graduate Union, 17 Mill lane.
  Date: Every Thursday from 27th April - 15th June 2017 (term time)
  Time: 2-3pm

Both groups are open to all students who either have a diagnosis of, or self-identify with Asperger Syndrome or High Functioning Autism.

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