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You can support the ADRC's work by donating to funds that disabled students access through us.

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Funds we help students benefit from include:

  • Disabled Students' Bursary Fund
  • Kirsty Wayland Memorial Fund
  • Snehal Sidhu-Patrick Memorial Fund
  • The Charlie Bayne Travel Trust

Kirsty Wayland Memorial Disability Lecture

The first Kirsty Wayland Memorial Disability Lecture took place in 2003. Kirsty was the first employee of the then newly formed team working on accessibility for disabled people at the University in 2000.

She had wide-ranging role and became well-known across the University and Colleges. She established and developed the lecture as an important disability-focused event.

When Kirsty very sadly died in January 2023, the lecture was renamed in her honour.

Watch past lectures on YouTube

Snehal Sidhu-Patrick Memorial Fund

Snehal Sidhu-Patrick was an alumna and member of staff who worked at the ADRC for three years.

She decided her goal was to study at Cambridge as a teenager, despite the significant challenges she faced, including being a wheelchair user. She moved from her home in India to study here in 2001. She graduated in 2004 after studying Natural Sciences at Churchill College.

During her time at Cambridge, she was dedicated to expanding opportunities for disabled students.

Sadly, Snehal passed away in July 2012. The Snehal Sidhu-Patrick Memorial Fund to support international students was established in her memory.

The Charlie Bayne Travel Trust

Charlie Bayne was an undergraduate at Trinity College, Cambridge, from 1985 to 1989. Paralysed from the shoulders downwards, he was a wheelchair user and was looked after by a series of volunteer carers.

Charlie was an enthusiastic traveller. He went on many journeys with carers or other friends while he was a student. Within the British Isles, he travelled as far as the north of Scotland and west of Ireland. Trips abroad included St Petersburg and the southern United States. Charlie gained great satisfaction and a sense of freedom from these travels.

After Charlie died in July 1990, money he had earned was used to establish the Charlie Bayne Travel Trust. It exists to help other disabled students at Cambridge enjoy the same sort of experiences as he did.

Family and friends of Dominique Oliver (1978 to 1999) have also given to this fund in her memory. Dominique was a recipient of a travel grant from the Trust in 1997, which she used to fund a trip to Italy.

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