Support while you study

Academic-related disability support and adjustments includes things you might need when you study: 

  • independently, on your own
  • in a small group or a large group, such as classes and lectures

Complete our online Student Information Form and one of our advisers will get in touch to discuss support you may be able to get while you study.

Support in a small or large group

Examples of support you may get in lectures, practical sessions, seminars and supervisions include:

  • teaching slides, handouts and notes provided in advance
  • directed reading lists, which tell you about essential reading and optional wider reading. The lists are provided in advance
  • extended time to do a task, where possible
  • extended deadlines for coursework and essays
  • recordings of teaching sessions available from your department, or alternatives if recordings are not available
  • recording instructions or teaching sessions such as lectures, seminars and supervisions yourself - to be able to do this you need to tell us about your requirements using our online Student Information Form.
  • reserved seating near the front of the lecture hall or room, close to a window, light source or exit
  • loop or infrared system for hearing aids
  • assistive technology, such as screen readers

We can also recommend specific adjustments if you go on a field trip.

If you need help in finding a space to study in Cambridge, Spacefinder can help you find a space which matches your needs.