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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details

St Andrew's Street,
Cambridge, CB2 3AP
01223 334 200

Access Issues

College Registrar
01223 334 291

Location, Services and Transport


St Andrew's Street. A three-minute walk to the main shopping area. 5–10 minutes to Downing Site and New Museums Site. 20–25 minutes to Sidgwick Site and University Library.


St Andrew's Street and Regent Street are both busy with traffic, with a dangerous junction right opposite Emmanuel's main entrance. There are few dropped kerbs or safe crossing places.

Services and shops

City centre.


Car park on site, with level access to the main College courts. Disabled students can obtain a permit, if appropriate.

Other transport options

Central bus station is a three-minute walk away.

General Information

Around 470 undergraduates and 200 postgraduates. For men and women.


Smoking is banned everywhere except in the open.

Medical facilities

Nurse holds a twice daily surgery during full term (tel. 01223 334 296).

Emergency procedures

Students should contact the Porters' Lodge in an emergency.

Accommodation and Catering

Wheelchair-accessible rooms

Four rooms on site accessible for wheelchairs, with adapted bathroom and small adapted kitchen. One room adapted for a deaf student.

Other rooms

Relatively few en-suite rooms. Some rooms which can be adapted according to need.

Live-in assistants and assistance dogs

Live-in assistants might be a possibility. Assistance dogs also a possibility, but discuss in advance.

Early induction and vacation stays

Early induction possible. Staying late is also possible, at a charge.

Catering arrangements

Cafeteria serves three meals a day, as well as regular formal halls. Kitchen facilities are small and not suitable for self-catering. Small adapted kitchen near the adapted room.

Special diets

Most special diets and allergies can be catered for. Inform the registrar at the start of term, or speak directly to catering staff. Information on ingredients is available.

Physical Access

College grounds in general

Level access to main entrance. Very large site. Mostly level or ramped around courts. Some uneven slabbed paving, and some gravel and grass. Subway under Emmanuel Street has lots of steps, with no handrail.

College buildings in general

Public areas fairly accessible. One lift from hall to upper hall, and another in Queen's building.


A new accessible bar will be part of a recently started development on the main College site


Level access through two sets of double doors. Spacious and level inside. Card system for payment. RADAR toilet opposite hall.


Level access through wide doors, but one small step up to main area. Temporary ramp available. Fixed pews with some ground level seating. Plenty of space. One step to altar.

College offices

Most offices, including tutorial office, up a couple of steps. A ramp could be fitted if necessary, or staff could meet you elsewhere.

Common rooms

MCR is on first floor of Queen's building, accessible via lift.

JCR is in the Louis Franck Room on the ground floor of the Queen's Building, and has level access to the room.

Computer facilities

Computer room up a couple of steps. All individual rooms networked and wireless access throughout site.

Dining hall

Level access to hall through wide doors. Level and spacious inside. Narrow bench seating. Non-adjustable table height. RADAR toilet opposite.


Very large gardens, on site. Paved and gravel paths, mostly level, with large lawns. A few benches.


Level access to the Laundry


Level access to building with lift and wheelchair lifts providing access between floors.

Porters' lodge and post room

Three steps up to both entrances to lodge. Bell at front entrance to summon assistance. Mail room is in first court, up two steps, but mail can be delivered to a student room if appropriate.

Sport facilities

Sports grounds in Wilberforce Road, pavilion accessed up two steps.


One RADAR toilet opposite hall. Large toilets, although not specifically designed for disabled users, in basement of Queen's building, via lift.


  • Queen's building, built in 1995 and including a meeting room and lecture theatre, is fully accessible, with a lift to all floors.

Visual Impairments

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs welcome.

Computer facilities

Range of different software available for visually impaired students, including voice recognition.

Large print, Braille and audio

Large print letters and information on request. Lift in Queen's building has audio information and touch-readable buttons.

Library and magnification equipment

No special facilities for text enlargement. Large windows and good lighting generally.

Signs and wayfinding

Fairly good directional signposting around College.

Hearing Impairments

Induction loops

Induction loop in Queen's building lecture theatre.


Visual and sensory alarms fitted in adapted room. Portable alarm available.


  • Quiet revision room available in Queen's building over exam period.

Specific Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Issues

  • Counsellor available Mondays and Fridays (tel. 01223 330 491).
  • Arrangements for students with Specific Learning Difficulties are on an individual basis, in conjunction with the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre. Discuss your needs with your tutor.

The information on this page is the responsibility of Emmanuel College. The ADRC updates information as it is received from the college. This page was last updated on 25th February 2021 To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with Emmanuel College.