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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details

Hills Road,
Cambridge, CB2 8PH
01223 747 111
01223 507 206

Access Issues

Eleanor Jain, Tutorial Manager
01223 747 201

Location, Services and Transport

Hills Road, 1.5 miles out of the city centre. Homerton College and the Faculty of Education are next door to one another. The College is within half a mile of the Addenbrooke's Site and Hospital.


Hills Road can be very busy during rush hour. Pavements and cycle paths are wide.

Services and shops

Some small convenience stores in the vicinity including an entertainment park, which has a fully accessible cinema, bowling alley, nightclub and several restaurants.


Large student car park, with four designated disabled bays. Disabled students can obtain a permit.

Other transport options

There is a Bus Stop outside the College buses go into City Centre and further afield. 

General Information

Approximately 600 undergraduates and 320 PGCE and 400 full and part-time Higher Degree students. For men and women. A high proportion of students and staff are involved with the Faculty of Education. The Mary Allen building contains the main reception and main library entrance. The Cavendish building contains most social and eating areas. There are several new accommodation blocks. Two manual wheelchairs available to borrow from the Porters' Lodge. Another manual wheelchair is kept in the surgery.


No smoking in public buildings, including offices and student rooms.

Medical facilities

Part-time nurse holds a weekday surgery during full term (tel. 01223 747 248). Surgery on ground floor of West House, near first year accommodation.

Emergency procedures

Advise Porters' Lodge if you will need help evacuating in an emergency. There are evacuation chairs in most buildings. Buildings are divided into fireproof compartments — if the alarm sounds move horizontally through the building away from the fire.

Accommodation and Catering

Wheelchair-accessible rooms

Specially designed rooms suitable for wheelchair users in new accommodation blocks: four in West House, two in East House and four in South Court. Rooms can be adapted as necessary.

Other rooms

All rooms in new accommodation blocks are ensuite, and many are ground floor.

Live-in assistants and assistance dogs

Live-in assistants and dogs a possibility. However, there is pressure on accommodation, so please discuss well in advance.

Early induction and vacation stays

Early induction for disabled students encouraged. Staying over vacation is possible on arrangement, at a reduced rate. You may be asked to move rooms.

Catering arrangements

Dining hall serves hot and cold buffet style meals daily. Snacks and light lunches available from buttery. Formal hall once a week. EPOS card system in place, meaning rent includes a certain contribution to meals, which is spent from the Camcard. Kitchens facilities vary, but in the new blocks particularly self catering is possible. There is a four burner electric hob and a microwave in most kitchens.

Special diets

Most ordinary special diets can be catered for, including halal on request. Information for nut allergies provided. Speak to the Catering Manager about your special diet.

Physical Access

College grounds in general

Level and very accessible, with good well-lit paved paths between buildings. The site is rather large, and the buildings are dispersed across it.

College buildings in general

Most buildings, rooms and social areas have good access. There is level access and lifts in Mary Allen and Cavendish buildings, and in accommodation blocks. A proximity card security system operates around most buildings.


Large bar in Cavendish building. Level access, smooth and spacious inside, with moveable furniture and a fairly low bar counter. There is a small buttery inside serving drinks and snacks.


Servery next to Hall, with level access. Plenty of space, and staff will help.


No chapel.

College offices

Most offices on ground floor of Cavendish building. Staff will meet elsewhere if necessary.

Common rooms

JCR – in the process of being relocated  it will be on a ground floor location, with TV and table football. Spacious, with moveable furniture. MCR Room on the ground floor of Morley House, with a TV, DVD player and small kitchenette. Staff common room on ground floor  in Ibberson building, level and spacious.

Computer facilities

Most public computers are on ground floor and accessible. All rooms are networked.

Dining hall

In Cavendish building. Level access to all areas except for the dais at high table. Smooth inside, plenty of space, with moveable chairs.

Fellows' areas

Fellows' Dining Room has ramped and level access, and is spacious inside, with moveable chairs.


Gardens around site. Generally smooth paved paths and lawn, with some benches. Paths are lit at night.


Each accommodation block has its own laundry, all on ground floor and accessible.


Over three floors in Mary Allen building. Level access to ground floor, with outside lift to upper floors, through fire doors with assistance from the Porters. Plenty of space between shelves.

Porters' lodge and post room

Porters' Lodge in Mary Allen building, with level access. Pigeonholes are on the ground floor of Queen's Wing.

Sport facilities

No gym. Sports fields on site, and football pitch nearby. Dance studio on site, with level access.


Disabled toilets on all three floors of Mary Allen building, on ground floor of Cavendish building, in Science Block, and on each floor of all new accommodation blocks.


  • Auditorium in Mary Allen building. Level access and moveable furniture, with space for a wheelchair.
  • Dance studio near Cavendish building, level and accessible.
  • Science block all on ground floor, with ramped entrance.
  • Meeting rooms in Ibberson building, with wheelchair access via platform lift.

Visual Impairments

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs welcome, but please advise in advance.

Computer facilities

Some special software and wide screens for text enlargement are available from the computer officer and can be installed where needed.

Large print, Braille and audio

Large print information on request in the computer centre.

Library and magnification equipment

No special facilities for text enlargement.

Signs and wayfinding

Good, clear directional signposting around the site and in individual buildings.


  • Excellent lighting in public areas, particularly the hall, bar and library.
  • Paths are lit at night.

Hearing Impairments

Induction loops

Portable loop available, but please arrange in advance with the conference officer.


Visual or sensory alarms could be acquired if needed.


  • Generally very quiet around the site, as most buildings are far from the road.
  • Bar is harshly furnished, so can be noisy when busy.
  • Library is open plan and also rather harshly furnished.

Specific Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Issues

  • Study skills classes open to all students are run in Michaelmas and Lent Terms, in conjunction with the Faculty of Education.
  • Other arrangements are on an individual basis, in conjunction with the ADRC. Discuss your needs with your tutor.

Planned Access Improvements

  • New accommodation block, fully accessible, completed October 2007.
  • Other adaptations can be made as necessary.

The information on this page is the responsibility of Homerton College. The ADRC updates information as it is received from the college. This page was last updated on 26th May 2017. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with Homerton College.