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Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details

Trumpington Street,
Cambridge, CB2 1RF
01223 338 100
01223 766 409

Access Issues

Dr Caroline Burt, Admissions Tutor
01223 338 154
01223 766 409

Location, Services and Transport


A five minute walk to the city centre and New Museums Site. Back entrance is on Tennis Court Road, opposite Downing Site. 15 minutes to Sidgwick Site and the University Library.


Trumpington Street is busy, with open gutters and drains, few crossing places and many bicycles. Pembroke Street is not easy to cross due to traffic in all directions. Tennis Court Road is quiet, but becoming noisier.

Services and shops

City centre.


Visitors advised to park in the Grand Arcade car park. Spaces for Blue Badge holders are available on Trumpington Street and King's Parade. A disabled student may be able to park on site, but this is very limited.

Other transport options

Accessible Uni 4 bus to Addenbrooke's Hospital and the Sidgewick site stops outside Pembroke on Trumpington Street.

General Information


400 undergraduates and 294 postgraduates. For men and women. Pembroke is one of the oldest Colleges, and many buildings are listed. The College generally takes a pragmatic approach, and is happy to make provisions for a range of students with disabilities. A manual wheelchair is available to borrow from porters. Please arrange in advance.


No smoking in public buildings or rooms. Smoking is only allowed in designated areas of College.

Medical facilities

Nurse holds a weekday mornings surgery in full term (tel. 01223 338 122).

Emergency procedures

Advise Porters' Lodge if you will need help evacuating the building or your room in an emergency. No special procedures or facilities. The porters have a list of students who may need help.

Accommodation and Catering

Wheelchair-accessible rooms

One adapted room, with en-suite bathroom. There is a wheelchair-adapted flat on site.

Other rooms

Some ground floor and en-suite rooms are available in College hostels. The lift in Foundress Court, the new accommodation block, allows for students with mobility issues to access upstairs rooms.

Live-in assistants and assistance dogs

Space for live-in assistants is limited, and would be considered on an individual basis. Assistance dogs would also be considered on an individual basis.

Early induction and vacation stays

No problem with early induction or staying over vacation. Usual room rates, but a hardship fund could pay some costs if necessary.

Catering arrangements

Self-service cafeteria, fully accessible, provides all meals. Limited cooking facilities. No adapted facilities.

Special diets

Catering staff are very flexible, and can cater for most special diets with notice. No arrangements for kosher or halal. Please inform staff about any allergies.

Physical Access

College grounds in general

Level entrance at all three gates. Paved slabs and York stone, all cobbles are avoidable. All areas ramped and accessible, if sometimes via roundabout routes.

College buildings in general

Almost all public rooms accessible, again sometimes via roundabout routes. Some staircases have level entrance, some one or two steps. Stairs themselves are narrow and twisty, and do not always have handrails.


Ramped entrance via side door. Recently refurbished, with moveable furniture. Disabled toilet nearby.


Ramped entrance from Ivy Court. Staff are helpful and will carry trays if necessary.


Two steps up to wooden door, then one step into main chapel. Fixed pews. Three more steps to altar. Portable ramps available from the ante-chapel.

College offices

Most College offices are not on ground level. Rooms available for meeting elsewhere, by arrangement.

Common rooms

Both Junior and Graduate parlours are on ground floor, with ramps to access. Junior parlour is near bar, ramped entrance via side door. Graduate parlour common room is accessible via a step, but portable ramps are available in the college.

Computer facilities

Computer room in basement of Foundress Court, accessible via a lift. All individual rooms networked. Wireless internet available in library and a number of other public spaces in the college.

Dining hall

Ramped entrance from Ivy Court, through wide doors kept open at mealtimes. Level, spacious and smooth inside, with moveable chairs. Ramp up one step to high table.

Fellows' areas

Most Fellows' rooms upstairs. Senior parlour accessible, but there are steep steps from here to high table. High table is accessible from the main hall via a ramp up one step.


Large gardens in centre of College. Paths paved or gravel, with gentle slopes onto lawns. Lots of benches.


In basement of Foundress Court, accessible via a lift.


Brand new extension. Level entrance through automatic doors. Large and spacious inside, with most books easily reached. Large lift to all levels. Very friendly librarian, who will help with any difficulties. Disabled toilet.

Porters' lodge and post room

Two steps up to front entrances. Back entrance ramped, through automatic door.

Sport facilities

Exercise room in basement of Foundress Court, accessible via a lift. Sports fields in Grantchester Meadows, with disabled toilet in pavilion.


Disabled toilets near bar, in library, Nihon meeting room in Foundress Court and in sports pavilion.


  • Party room and music room in basement of Foundress Court, both accessible via a lift.
  • Nihon room on ground floor of Foundress Court, with disabled toilet.

Visual Impairments

Assistance dogs

Assistance dogs may be considered. Discuss in advance.

Computer facilities

Special hardware or software for visually impaired users could be acquired if necessary. Computer office helpful in these matters.

Large print, Braille and audio

Large print letters and information on request. Some admissions tests have been converted into Braille in the past.

Library and magnification equipment

Electronic text magnification device in library. Ask the librarian, who is very helpful. Good lighting.

Signs and wayfinding

No visible signs for directions around College, but all staircases have good signs. Wayfinding not a problem.


  • Gardens and paths are quite dark at night. Powerful torch available to borrow on request.
  • Chapel entrance is extremely dark.
  • Most steps are unmarked, and stairs often do not have handrails.
  • Lighting in hall, cafeteria and other public rooms generally good.

Hearing Impairments

Induction loops

Portable loop available, kept in library.


Visual or sensory alarms could be acquired if needed.


  • Most areas of College and public rooms are quiet and peaceful.

Specific Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Issues

  • Students with a variety of Specific Learning Difficulties are at the College. Arrangements are always on an individual basis.
  • General study skills and revision sessions offered to whole College.

Planned Access Improvements

  • Sports pavilion with disabled toilet due to be completed soon.
  • Planned new graduate accommodation.
  • Adaptations can be made as and when the need arises.

Other Useful Information

Pembroke has a generally pragmatic and willing approach towards students with disabilities, but accommodation is limited. Admissions staff will help to find accommodation at other Colleges if necessary.

The information on this page is the responsibility of Pembroke College. The DRC updates information as it is received from the college. This page was last updated on 21st April 2017. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with Pembroke College.