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Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details


Grange Road,




01223 335 846


01223 335 837



Access Issues

College Accommodation Office


01223 769339


01223 762006


Location, Services and Transport


Grange Road. A 15 minute walk to the city centre, Downing Site and New Museums Site. Five minutes to Sidgwick Site and the University Library.


Grange Road can be very busy with car and bicycle traffic. Pavements are generally wide and level, but there are few safe crossing places. Sidgwick Avenue can also get busy in rush hour. The quietest way to walk to town is via West Road.

Services and shops

City centre. There is a pub, Co-op store, butcher, grocer and chemist in nearby Newnham.


Parking available outside main entrance, and also near library. Usually no problems parking, but a call to the porters will guarantee you a space. Long term parking permit by arrangement.

Other Transport Options 

Uni 4 bus stop in Grange Road and West Road provides serve to the station, NW Cambridge and Addenbrookes. 

General Information

380 undergraduate and 250 postgraduates. For men and women. Selwyn has invested heavily in building work in the last few years, and has substantially improved disabled access to the whole College. The College has a pragmatic approach, and is happy to make further individual adaptations as required. Please discuss your individual needs well in advance with the College, and give feedback where necessary.


No smoking in public rooms, bar or communal areas. Smoking only allowed in student rooms.

Medical Facilities 

Nurse holds a surgery 9.30–11.30am Monday to Friday and 10–11am Saturday during full term (tel. 01223 335898).

Emergency Procedures

Advise Porters' Lodge if you will need help evacuating in an emergency as a personal emergency evacuation policy will be developed. Fire doors and detection equipment are in place in all buildings.

Accommodation and Catering

Wheelchair-accessible rooms

Several rooms are accessible for wheelchairs, some with adapted en suite facilities and one with an adapted kitchen. Discuss your needs in advance, as further adaptations can often be made. Some rooms have been adapted for visual and hearing impairments.

Other rooms

Various staircases and rooms have ground floor or lift access, and two thirds are en suite. There is one bath in the new Ann's Court building, which is not part of

an en suite room on the ground floor. There are also baths on B staircase but they are on the first floor and above

Live-in assistants and assistance dogs

Accommodating an assistant would be difficult, but discuss the possibility in advance. A dog has been accommodated in the past.

Early induction and vacation stays

Early induction possible, arranged on an individual basis. Staying over vacation is subject to tutorial approval, at usual room rates, although you may be asked to change rooms.

Catering Arrangements

Fixed charge for cafeteria, which offers all meals on a card-based system. Regular formal halls. Kitchens are small, and not suitable for self-catering. One small adapted kitchen near adapted room.

Special diets

Catering staff are very flexible and will accommodate most special diets with advance notice. Halal can be catered for, and speak to Executive Head Chef if you require kosher meals, special diets or have any concerns about allergies.

Physical Access

College grounds in general

Access around College grounds is generally very good, due to extensive building work and alterations over the past few years. Level access at all entrances, and level or ramped access to all areas. Mostly fairly even slabbed paving.

College buildings in general

Most buildings and public rooms accessible as a result of recent adaptations. Steps have handrails. Temporary ramps can be provided if necessary. Some keypad security.


Level access through two sets of double doors. Ramped inside. Spacious, moveable chairs and tables and some sofas. Low bar counter. Disabled toilet nearby.


Accessible via large lift from nearby corridor. Level, spacious, with helpful staff. Next to Dining Hall.


Ramped access. Level inside. Fixed pews, some at ground level. Room for a wheelchair, but not if you like to be discreet.

College Offices

In modern building, accessible via large modern lift. Heavy fire doors. Wide corridors and doors. Disabled toilet.

Common Rooms

JCR has lift access and accessible toilet. MCR is on the grounds floor in Cripps Court, over Grange Road. Level access through gate with key. Disabled toilet nearby.

Computer Facilities

Computer Room adjacent to the JCR, access via lift. All rooms are networked, including in nearby hostels.

Dining Hall

Accessible via large lift from nearby corridor. Main entrance is up flight of stone steps, with handrail. Smooth and spacious inside, with moveable chairs.

Fellows' Areas

SCR and Fellows' Parlour accessible via nearby corridor.


Level access to gardens, avoiding steps down from Old Court. Mostly gravel paths and lawn. Generally level. Some benches.


One step to main laundry in the Kitchen Yard, with keypad security. Smaller ramped entry laundry adjacent to 40 Grange Road. Level access to laundry in Cripps Court.


Level access through key-locked door. Spacious, with good sized workspaces. No access to upper floor, but staff will fetch books. Graduate invigilators on duty until midnight.

Porters' Lodge and Post Room

Ramped access via side entrance.

Sport Facilities

There is a College Gym on the ground floor with a disabled toilet. Induction sessions are arranged through the Health and Safety Officer.

Sports fields on Barton Road. Pavilion has steps.


Various disabled toilets around College site, including near the Bar on B Staircase and in the Chadwick corridor, near Hall, and in Cripps Court, near the MCR on M Staircase. Adapted rooms all have adapted bathroom facilities.


▪Chadwick, Borradaile, Lyttelton, Walters and Diamond meetingand teaching rooms all accessible via ramp or lift.

▪One music practice room up flight of stairs. Another is on theground floor of Cripps Court and is easily accessible.

Visual Impairments

Assistance Dogs

Assistance dogs have been accommodated in the past. Discuss in advance.

Computer Facilities 

Special hardware or software for visually impaired users could be acquired if necessary.

Large print, Braille and audio  

Large print letters and information on request.

Library and magnification equipment

No special facilities for text enlargement. Can be acquired if necessary.

Signs and Wayfinding

Clear black and white signs on all public buildings. Wayfinding not generally a problem.


▪One student room adapted for visual impairments, withfluorescent lights and switches.

▪Outside steps tend not to have markings, but do have contrastinghandrails.

▪Lighting around College and in most public areas generally good.

Hearing Impairments

Induction Loops Alarms

Induction loops in Library, Main Hall, Porters' Lodge, Bursary, Tutorial

Office, Operations Manager's Office, and Chadwick, Lyttelton, Walters and Diamond meeting rooms. Portable loop system available.


Flashing alarms fitted in three student rooms and vibrating pillows are available on request.


▪Three rooms have been adapted for hearing impaired students.

▪Generally quiet and peaceful around College and in public areas.

Specific Learning Difficulties and Mental Health Issues  

Arrangements for students with Specific Learning Difficulties are on an individual basis, in conjunction with the Disability Resource Centre. Discuss your needs with your Tutor.

Planned Access Improvements

Many access improvements have taken place over last few years, so future adaptations will be made according to individual need.

The information on this page is the responsibility of Selwyn College. The DRC updates information as it is received from the college. This page was last updated on 26th June 2018. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with Selwyn College.