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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details

Sue Chandler
01223 336691
Online Access Map

Location, Services and Transport

Between Downing Street and Tennis Court Road. Entrances from either side. Approximately a 5–10 minute walk from the city centre.

Nearby colleges

Downing, Pembroke, Christ's, Emmanuel, Peterhouse, Corpus Christi, St. Catharine's, King's


Downing Street is one-way, but extremely busy with traffic and bicycles. Tennis Court Road is generally quiet, but becoming increasingly busy. If you walk up Corn Exchange Street, the pavements are narrow and the road busy with works traffic.

Services and shops

City centre. There is a small café on Downing Street, but access is difficult.

Vehicle entrances

Vehicle entrance from Tennis Court Road. Barrier and custodian on duty when open. Closed at 10pm.


If you need to park on site, call the site custodian in advance to reserve a space with a portable disabled sign. It may be easier to park in Lion Yard (disabled bays on second floor) and walk, as parking is very limited.

Other transport options

Central bus station is a five minute walk away up Downing Street. Uni 4 bus stop in Trumpington Street.

General Information

Medical facilities

All departments and faculties have their own first aiders. No central medical facilities.

Emergency procedures

No designated refuge point for the whole site, and no set procedures or facilities for evacuation. Most buildings have their own emergency procedures and facilities in place.

Physical Access

Pedestrian entrances

Level pedestrian entrance from Downing Street. This is locked at nights, and occasionally on Saturdays the gate providing level access is locked, so call in advance if necessary.

General accessibility

Fairly smooth paving once inside the site. Few pavements, so you be careful of cars. Most buildings reasonably accessible, but often you have to arrange in advance.

Steps and ramps

Site is all on one level. Some individual buildings have ramps to access either main or back entrances.

Benches and seating

Some benches just inside Downing Street entrance.


No toilets for general site use, but various buildings around site have disabled toilets.

Visual Impairments

Signs and wayfinding

Signs are mostly white-on-red. Signs on buildings tend to be rather hard to read and are not standard across the site, so wayfinding can be difficult.


Rather dim at night, as there are few extra lights around the site.

Planned Access Improvements

Various departments are planning refurbishments to their buildings — see individual entries.

The information on this page is the responsibility of the Downing Site. The ADRC updates information as it is received from the Site. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with Sue Chandler at 01223 336 691.