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Large building, originally built in 1932, containing 11 lecture rooms and the Mill Lane Library. A new lift has recently been installed to improve access.

Contact Details

Mill Lane Facilities Team
Estate Management, Business Services
17 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RX
01223 338275


8 Mill Lane. Disabled badge holders can park on the double yellow lines outside — otherwise there is no parking nearby.

Physical Access

  • Level access to main entrance and ramp to back entrance.
  • Three floors in total, with new lift to all floors.
  • Lecture Rooms 1–4 are ground floor, with tiered fixed bench seating, but wheelchair access to front or back.
  • Rooms 5–9 are first floor, but 5 is up three steps from the lift. 6–8 are level, with moveable furniture, and 9 is tiered but spacious and wheelchair accessible.
  • Rooms 10 and 11 are top floor, level and accessible via lift.
  • Surfaces are smooth and level, most stairs have continuous handrails, and there are a few heavy manual double doors in the corridors.
  • Disabled toilet on ground floor.

Visual Impairments

  • Generally good lighting.
  • Lecture rooms have blackboards or white projection screens.
  • Signage is fairly clear.

Hearing Impairments

Infra-red hearing enhancement system in all Lecture Rooms, suitable for hearing aid users. One headset for non-hearing aid users, available from custodian.

Other Useful Information

Currently, the evacuation facilities from the upper floors are by the evacuation chair. Please advise Facilities Staff if you will need help evacuating in an emergency or after 5pm. First aider is on site.

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