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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


Contact Details

Jamie Brittain
01223 765006
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Location, Services and Transport

Between Sidgwick Avenue and West Road. Entrances from either side. Approximately 10–15 minutes walk from the centre. Nicest way to walk from the centre is through King's College and up West Road.

Nearby colleges

King's, Queens', Newnham, Selwyn, Clare, Trinity, Trinity Hall, Corpus Christi.


West Road is generally fairly quiet. Sidgwick Avenue has more traffic, and more parked cars, pathways are uneven and narrow in some areas caused by overgrown trees. Both roads become a lot busier and more hazardous during rush hours. Try to avoid the lecture-rush every hour between 9am and 1pm.

Services and shops

The site has three catering outlets all offering a mix of grab and go or stop and eat services, each outlet serves a mix of hot and cold drinks, snacks or meals. The buttery is located on the raised section at the end of the Economics building, The Arc Café within the Alison Richard Building, both are open to the public and have level entrances, Origin8 in the basement of the Law Faculty is for Faculty members only.

Vehicle entrances

Vehicle entrance from Sidgwick Avenue to small car park and internal access road. Separate vehicle entrance off West Road to West Road car park. There is no link between these entrances for cars but there is a wide cycle path running around the rear of the Law Faculty suitable for bikes, mobility scooters or chairs.


Three disabled bays are available on Sidgwick Avenue and two available on West Road side. Disabled bays are located in the main car park next to Little Hall and behind the Faculty of Criminology — follow road round from Sidgwick car park. From West Road there are two bays outside the English Faculty.

Other transport options

Uni 4 bus stop outside the West Road entrance to the site.

General Information

Medical facilities

All departments and faculties have their own first aiders. No central medical facilities.

Emergency procedures

Small refuge areas near Little Hall and the History faculty. Most buildings have their own evacuation procedures and facilities.

Physical Access

Pedestrian entrances

Two level pedestrian entrances from Sidgwick Avenue. The entrance nearest town has permanent railings to stop bicycles, which might be difficult for a large chair. One level pedestrian entrance from West Road.

General accessibility

Surfaces are generally paved and fairly smooth, except for the occasional unavoidable bump for drainage. There is plenty of space, and nearly the whole site is pedestrian only. Avoid the bicycles during the hourly morning lecture rush.

Steps and ramps

One raised section directly in the centre of the site, with several steps (no handrails) up and down to other parts. From West Road side, there is a gentle ramp up (with handrail) on the far right, and a gentle ramp down (without handrail) left of the Lecture Block. From the Sidgwick Avenue side there are limited handrails on the steps.

Benches and seating

Several benches around the grassed area on the raised section. Some fixed picnic tables and benches near the buttery, again on the raised section and some fixed picnic tables outside the Arc Café on the lower section, picnic tables in both areas now have the facility for wheelchair users to sit at the table.


Toilets for general site use are available in the Lecture Block, 7am to 7pm term time and 8am to 5pm out of term. Various buildings, including the Raised Faculty Building, Alison Richard Building, Lecture Block and the Classics Faculty, have disabled toilets at ground level.

Visual Impairments

Signs and wayfinding

Very few signs, and the site is large, so if you aren't familiar with the layout ask for detailed directions in advance. Various maps & plinths are around the site with maps on.


Light, airy feel during the day. Very little lighting after dark except for light from buildings themselves.

The information on this page is the responsibility of Sidgwick Site. The ADRC updates information as it is received from the site. This page was last updated on 1 April 2014. To ensure the information contained here is current, please check with the relevant Department.