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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


This guide contains practical access information regarding the University of Cambridge for students, staff and visitors.

University of Cambridge, AccessAble guides.

If you are looking for access information for University Departments, Faculties, Research Centres, Institutes, Museums and other facilities you can use the search function within the main University guide provided by AccessAble:

Or you can search for the information you require by University Site: Please contact the Faculty or Department directly if you have any specific queries about access.

Site maps showing accessible routes 

To complement our online map of the University, we have created maps of three of our sites showing access facilities for disabled staff, students and visitors. These are available at PDFs from the links on the right.

If you are unable to print the maps or require them in a larger size, please contact us.

Access and Building Facilities

If you work in a Department or Faculty and have a query about improving your access and building facilities for disabled people, please contact Gary Reed in Estates Management. Please note this advice is available for University buildings only.

Accessibility in Colleges

Access information for the 31 Cambridge Colleges is contained here: If you have any questions regarding access in Colleges, please contact the College concerned directly (contact details are contained within each College guide.)