Disabled Students' Bursary Fund

What support you can get

This University of Cambridge fund provides one-off awards for services or equipment that are not funded by other sources, such as Disabled Student Allowance or International Disabled Students fund.

It does not cover medical or psychological treatment or diagnostic assessment costs.

How much

Up to £1,000

Who is eligible

You must be:

  • a current registered undergraduate or postgraduate student or offer holder
  • able to provide evidence of a diagnosed disability as described in the Equality Act 2010, such as a medical letter or specialist report 

When to apply

There is no deadline. You can apply at any time of year. Where possible, apply as early as you can.

How to apply

Contact that the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC) at disability@admin.cam.ac.uk. If you know who your ADRC adviser is, you can contact them directly. You adviser can help you apply.

Depending on what the award is for and how you receive it, you may also need to provide receipts. Your adviser will be able to tell you more about this if it applies to you.