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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


If you are considering applying to the University of Cambridge to study, it may be worth thinking about following some of the steps below in order to ensure that your support requirements will be met:

Contact the ADRC

Enquiries before application are always welcomed. Whilst this website may answer some of your questions, you may want to talk to us with further questions or concerns.

Attend an Open Day

We take part in the Undergraduate Cambridge Open Days held each summer and the Graduate open day held in November. Our advisers have appointments available to meet students and parents on the open days and answer questions about studying at Cambridge with a disability.

Arrange College and Departmental visits

It is important to consider that the faculty building may not be in the place where lectures or laboratory work take place, and that your chosen college or graduate accommodation may be in a different part of Cambridge from your department.

All colleges cater for a diverse range of students and are more alike than they are different. Individual needs can be supported but it is helpful to check well in advance. You may, for instance, have special dietary requirements or require reasonable adjustments to facilities. In determining if a college is suitable for you it is worth considering:

  • building accessibility
  • en-suite facilities
  • catering facilities
  • parking
  • accommodation for a live-in PA
  • facilities for a service dog
  • proximity to faculty or department
  • transport

For applicants with significant physical difficulties we can arrange personal visits to a range of colleges and academic sites so that you can see for yourself whether Cambridge would suit you. Just contact us as early as possible in the application process to arrange this.

Choosing a college

The ADRC recommends that you apply for specific colleges rather than making an open application. This is in order to ensure your support needs can be met. It is also recommended that prospective undergraduate students fill in the additional information on their UCAS application. There is further advice on narrowing down your choice of college on the Undergraduate study website and on the Graduate admissions website.


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