Report concerns, incidents and other matters

If you’re a Non-Medical Helper, mentor or study skills tutor, use this form to report any concern, incident or matter that happens when you’re working with a student. We call this a CIMR (concern, incident, matter, report) and we use this so that we can deal with anything you report quickly.

If you need to raise an urgent concern outside of our working hours, Monday to Thursday 9am to 5pm and Friday 9am to 4pm, contact the student’s College.

What happens next

A senior ADRC Adviser will follow up if appropriate or nominate someone else to do this. If a situation you’ve been involved in is concerning you, email

For example, the student appears distressed or makes comments to suggest they may  harm themself. 
For example, a remark that makes you feel uncomfortable. 
For example, a question you cannot answer or information for a student’s academic appeal. 
Does the student know you are submitting a report to us?*
Please include as much detail as possible.