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Disability Resource Centre


Meet the advisers

Find out which adviser supports disabled students in your college or department.

Dyslexia assessment

You can be screened for Dyslexia and other specific learning difficulties at the DRC.

Academic Resources

There are a variety of support structures and information sites in place to assist students.

Assistive technology

Information on assistive computer software, ergonomic equipment, recording devices and more.

Exam Access Arrangements

The University has its own guidelines and deadlines when it comes to making reasonable adjustments for exams.

Going for a DSA needs assessment

Do you need to go for a DSA needs assessment?

Funding your support

Funding is available to pay for your support needs. 

Tell us about your support requirements

If you haven't already disclosed your disability and support requirements to the DRC, then you can do so now using the webform. 

Recording lectures, seminars and supervisions

You need to sign our recording lectures agreement if part of your support package includes recording.