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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


The University of Cambridge welcomes applications from disabled students. Your application will be considered solely on the basis of academic merit.

The Cambridge system has much to offer disabled students. The collegiate system offers excellent pastoral care which has positive benefits for all students, including those with disabilities. Each college also provides its own students with accommodation. 

To find out more about the experience of disabled students at Cambridge, visit the Meet Disabled Students page on the Undergraduate Study website.

The Before Applying link on the left gives you things to consider before you apply to Cambridge. There is also a link to our Frequently Asked Questions page which features questions from applicants.


Useful links for undergraduates

The Study at Cambridge website has a lot of useful information.

There is also useful information on the UCAS website.

If your education has been significantly disrupted or disadvantaged, the Extenuating Circumstances Form should be filled in by your school or college to support your application.

Useful links for graduates

The Graduate Admissions pages contain information for Disabled Applicants and there is also help on choosing a college.