Recording of lectures, seminars and supervisions

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Agreement for the Recording of Lectures, Seminars and Supervisions

The University of Cambridge works to support the access requirements of disabled students, and to this end, such students (for whom there is an evidenced disability-related reason why taking notes is difficult or problematic) may record lectures, seminars and supervisions provided they agree to comply with the procedures outlined below. Although this document refers to voice recording equipment specifically, other visual recording equipment, cameras etc. and recordings on video conferencing platforms (such as Teams or Zoom), used in lectures and supervisions/seminars, where this has been formally approved, shall be subject to the same restrictions of usage.

Permission to Record Lectures, Seminars and Supervisions

1. Inform the Disability Resource Centre of your particular circumstances. This will assist the University in making an appropriate adjustment to improve your learning experience and will also help the University to facilitate the recording of lectures or other formal teaching sessions.

2. For the recording of lectures, the lecturer may have been told that the lecture is being recorded, but the lecturer will not have been informed of the specific reason for this. You may wish to alert the lecturer (in advance or immediately before the session starts) of your need to record, but you are not obliged to do so.

3. For the recording of formal teaching sessions other than lectures, such as supervisions or small group teaching, you should ask the session leader (in advance or immediately before the session starts) to ensure that there are no objections from anyone participating in the session for a recording of the session to be made.  If an objection to recording the session is raised (e.g. by a participant in a seminar or supervision), you agree to stop the recording for the time the person who raised the objection is speaking and re-start the recording when they finish. 

Adherence to these procedures will ensure that the University is able to make a reasonable adjustment under the terms of the Equality Act 2010 in respect of providing equal treatment and equal access to educational opportunity for all students regardless of any disability, whilst respecting matters of intellectual property, copyright and data protection. The University’s ‘Code of Practice: Reasonable Adjustments for disabled students’: Reasonable Adjustments for disabled students’, recognises recording of lectures, seminars and supervisions on this basis as a reasonable adjustment for those students for whom there is an evidenced disability-related reason why taking notes is difficult or problematic.

I hereby agree that the recordings of any lectures, seminars or supervisions by me, or on my behalf, must be used only for my personal private study, and must not be reproduced or passed on or made available to anyone else other than for transcription purposes, including by any electronic means such as email, attachment or posting on any website or social media on any platform.

I agree to follow the procedures stated above and consent to my name being passed on to the lecturer/seminar leader/supervisor as necessary to inform them that I will be recording the lecture, seminar or supervision.