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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


The Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre, in collaboration with colleges and departments/faculties, is committed to promoting best practice throughout the University, and to continually develop the provision of support for disabled students. This provision enables the University to meet its legal obligations to disabled students under the Equality Act (2010).

At this level, teaching strategies which are effective for disabled students are also effective for non-disabled students.  The term ‘special needs’ is unhelpful as the requirements of disabled students are not ‘special’; they are generally identical to those of non-disabled students. For example, they need access to the teaching room, and access to the information that is being presented or discussed — so premises and teaching materials and styles should be well designed or adapted to provide that access.

A ‘New Moodle Course:  ‘Inclusive Teaching and Learning: Disabled Students’. Designed to develop an understanding of best practice in the design and delivery of inclusive teaching and learning, the course focuses on how an inclusive approach can remove the disadvantage many disabled students can face, and can help to remove the need for multiple and costly reactive adjustments. The course will take about an hour, and is designed for all staff with teaching responsibilities. It can be accessed via Moodle.

Key Support Areas:

  • Ensure you are aware of any additional requirements of your students and have an understanding of support needed.
  • Use and allow the use of appropriate technology, usually the PA system, induction loops, and digital recording devices.
  • Have handouts available, and in an accessible format, well labelled and in advance, if required.
  • Manage discussions and question and answer sessions to enable all to participate, and make explicit what is required.