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Disability Resource Centre


17th Annual Disability Lecture

Universal Design for Learning

Thursday 19 March, 5.30pm, St John's College


Kjetil Knarlag and Elinor Olaussen from Universell, a Division of Student and Academic affairs at the Norwegian Technical University in Trondheim (NTNU) will be giving this year's Annual Lecture. Universell works on behalf of the Ministry of Education as the national coordinator for accessibility and Universal Design in higher education in Norway.

Kjetil and Elinor will explain and discuss the importance of universal design for learning, and explore their work in Norway and as part of the LINK network (a pan-European Disability in Higher Education network of which the UK is a part) in developing more inclusive teaching and learning practice in higher education.

At a time when UK Governmental, regulatory and student bodies are requiring Universities to demonstrate how they are making their teaching and learning more inclusive this is a timely and highly relevant topic.  

The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception to which all are welcome. The event is accessible for disabled people and a BSL interpreter will be present. To book please visit

To discuss access requirements please conact the Disability Resource Centre: (01223 332301)

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