Third-party policy

How we work with third parties

At the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre (ADRC), we work directly with students to support them during their studies as independent adults. We also work with staff who support those students.

A student might request that we involve a third party. A third party is someone who represents the student or speaks on their behalf.

We will only liaise with a third party where a student has:

  • explicitly asked that we contact a third party
  • given written consent

Where a student has previously given consent, we will check that this is still in place and is still relevant.

Students may ask for third parties such as parents, guardians, partners, and sponsors to be involved with the ADRC for various reasons.

They may want a third party to:

  • give information
  • request information
  • act as an advocate
  • make a complaint

We recognise that third parties are motivated by a desire to protect the interests of the student.

The ADRC reserves the right to refuse to involve or to continue to involve a third party if:

  • contact has a negative impact on staff time
  • the third party is behaving in an aggressive or threatening way

Information we hold

We'll record information given by a third party on the student's file. Students can request access to the file under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulations.

Read the Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre's privacy policy.