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Accessibility and Disability Resource Centre


If you are interested in becoming a Non-Medical Helper (NMH), you can find out more about what NMHs do in this section. There is also information on the application process.

All NMHs need to have:

  • An understanding of the importance of confidentiality and discretion
  • A committed and reliable approach
  • Good organisational skills
  • A flexible approach to their work
  • The ability to work with a wide range of people

In addition to this, note-takers need to have legible handwriting and a similar academic background to the student they are working with.

Laboratory Assistants also need to have an appropriate academic background.

Specialist Mentoring

Due to the sensitive nature of Specialist Mentoring we have a separate, more in-depth recruitment process for this NMH task. Specialist Mentors are only recruited at certain times of year, usually in the summer months. You can find out more about what we expect from our Specialist Mentors here - Mentoring Role Description

Specialist 1:1 Study Skills

Our Specialist 1:1 Study Skills tutors require a Patoss Practising Certificate and substantial teaching experience. Recruitment to these positions is separate to the NMH scheme, for more information please contact us.


We only recruit Non-Medical Helpers when there is sufficient demand from students. Therefore, it may be some time before we contact you following an application.

Whilst being an NMH is an opportunity for paid employment, it should not be seen as a main source of income. This is because the work is likely only to be for a few hours each week and we cannot offer any NMHs a guaranteed number of hours each week; it depends upon students’ requirements which may change.

If you have any questions about the application process, or the NMH Scheme, please contact Eleanor Marinho, Disability Support Co-ordinator (01223 (3)32301).