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Disability Resource Centre


The DRC gives disabled students every assistance to obtain funding for their academic-related support requirements. If you need funding to assist with expenses not covered through elsewhere then there areadditional funds available from other sources. Some of these are below.

It is worth being aware that each source of funding will have different guidelines for applying and their own specific criteria for whom they support. Therefore, you will need to read the information carefully to ensure you fit the criteria before applying.


UK Nationals

State Benefit Assistance

For further information about State Benefit Assistance:

Visit the Cambridge City Council website

View's Beginner's Guide to Benefits


Student Health Association Bursary

Administered by Student Health Association
Purpose To help students with disabilities to keep up with their studies
Use Equipment to aid study (such as computer, software, and a special chair), extra travel costs, cost of helper/ note taker, extra books, and photocopying
Amount Up to £500
Deadline 1 March, 1 June, and 1 November
Eligibility List of eligibility criteria available on Student Health Association website (link below)
Conditions Applicants must apply for DSAs, if eligible, and have received the outcome before applying

Further information about the Student Health Association Bursary


All students

The Disabled Students' Bursary Fund

Administered by Disability Resource Centre
Purpose A fund to respond to the additional academic-related support requirements of disabled students
Use Equipment and services
Amount Based on individual need
Deadline None
Eligibility Disabled students of the University of Cambridge
Conditions Successful applicants must provide the DRC with copies of receipts for all purchases bought or part-bought with their award, within 8 weeks of receiving the award. Successful applicants must provide the trustees with a written report of how the award has supported their academic study

Further information about the Disabled Students' Bursary Fund


The Charlie Bayne Travel Trust

Administered by Disability Resource Centre
Purpose To assist students who face extra costs in travelling as a result of their disability
Use Travel expenses (also for applicant's carer, if applicable) and indirect costs, such as equipment
Amount Up to £500
Deadline Monday 16th May at 5pm
Eligibility Disabled undergraduate and postgraduate students of the University of Cambridge and Anglia Ruskin University
Conditions Successful applicants must provide the trustees with a written report of their travels by 31 October

Further information about The Charlie Bayne Travel Trust

University of Cambridge and College Funds

Information about University of Cambridge funds

Further information about Financial Hardship Support & Access Funds is available on the Student Registry pages.


Charity Funds

The Snowdon Trust

Administered by The Snowdon Trust
Purpose To provide students with the opportunity to access education or training, and enjoy a level of independence that would not otherwise be possible
Use Human help, equipment, adapted or additional accommodation, travel costs
Amount £250 - 2500
Deadline Apply between February 1st to August 31st for the following academic year
Eligibility Students with physical or sensory disabilities

Further information about The Snowdon Trust

ACT Foundation

Administered by The ACT Foundation
Purpose To provide grants to individuals with the aim of enhancing the quality of life for people in need
Use Building modification, mobility aids, equipment, short-term respite breaks at a registered respite centre
Amount Up to £2500
Deadline None

Further information about The ACT Foundation

The Crane's Fund

More information is available via the Student Registry website -

The Michael Devenney Fund

More information is available on the Michael Devenney website.